A font is an important source of information on top of the content of a written text. It can even alter a text's meaning. As some text only lives digitally and is never intended to be printed, there is a potential of exploiting this digital nature of the font for emotional enhancement.

Type Face is an experiment that seeks to incorporate facial expressions into font design. Most facial expressions are read the same throughout cultures. By using this universal language we aim to facilitate a more informative and emotional conversation.

This project consists of a video exploring the application of emotions to a font in a dialogue, and a application that reads several facial expressions and translates these into different fonts, applied to a chosen text. This application is using FaceOSC.


Project done at Takram London

Concept and Design: Renee Verhoeven

Coding: Yuri Klebanov

Project presented as part of the show '8h ahead - takram at SPACE' by Takram London during London Design Festival 2015